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Aishwarya Yojana, Samriddhi’s first flagship long-term investment product is undoubtedly the best means of financial planning to serve long-term goals. It best suits those with regular income. Aishwarya is tailor-made to serve varied needs and purposes of investors that may arise in the future – child education and marriage, retirement planning, initiating private trust and even meeting contingencies. It is based on a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) model where investors are encouraged to invest periodically after investing a minimum initial principal.

Samriddhi Recurring Investment Plan

Samriddhi recurring investment plan is a smart, simplified and disciplined form of investing. When clients have low funds and little knowledge about investing but understand its value, SIP is the best investment vehicle. By allowing small amount of investments at regular intervals, SIP allows you to create wealth for the future.

Samriddhi Capital Ltd. (SCL), introduces Samriddhi Aishwarya Yojana, a recurring investment product aimed at providing planned investment opportunity in small amounts. While savings in financial institutions are safer, it yields only nominal interest as return. It is planned investment that builds wealth for the future. But both are equally important mechanism of ensuring future financial security. It is why Smart Lagaani is a fusion of both saving and investing that makes it an attractive yet simplified investment tool.

What do you get out of Aishwarya Yojana?

Getting into a structured system – We may boast about expertise, experience and skills but nothing is more important in investment than getting into a structured investment system. In a structured investment stint, one doles out certain funds from his cash flow (whether salary income or business cash flow) regularly to our Aishwarya Yojana. It is these structured contributions invested in capital market that have made millions for people.

Disciplined investment opportunity – As market is always tempting as much as it is risky, investors are usually lured by market temptations encouraging them to take hasty and wrong investing decisions. By investing with Aishwarya Yojana, clients will neither surrender to market temptations nor make excess investments than what they were actually planning to. Clients will inculcate a planned and disciplined approach toward their investing by making a scheduled contribution to their accounts while experts will handle funds in planned and professional manner.

Ability to meet future obligations – Whether you plan to buy a car or a home in the future or take a vacation, whether it is about financing children’s education or their marriages or meeting medical emergencies or any financial contingency or dealing with post-retirement life, investing through Aishwarya Yojana will make it easier for you to cope with future needs. After all, it is all about building wealth for the future!

Simplified and flexible investment – It is a simplified and planned form of hassle-free investing. Investing ways are easy to understand for clients. One can stay back relaxed with their money at the hands of professionals who know every beat of the market. Moreover, it is flexible in its approach as clients can make desired sum of investment at desired intervals.

Higher future returns – Savings is important in managing ones’ financial life, but is it not a recipe for building wealth. Aishwarya Yojana is for those investors who have gone past the stage of savings, and aim to look wealth for the future. It is for those who understand the value of investments, those who realize that it is investments that lead to growth – whether entire national economy or that of a household. Imagine where the stock prices were a decade ago or the state of entire capital market. Certainly it has evolved despite what Nepal economy has suffered from. And it will continue to evolve. Doesn’t it make more sense to make wise investments with us for multifold growth and long-term gains?

How do you invest and what do you get from Aishwarya Yojana?
Clients will initially make a lump-sum principal investment (say NRs. 10,00,000) and then make regular investments of certain pre-determined amount at predetermined intervals – weekly, monthly, quarterly – say NRs. 10,000 on monthly basis. The funds usually have lock-in periods. The amounts will be invested in NEPSE-listed equities. Every time funds are invested by the clients, additional equities of NEPSE are purchased at the market-rate and added to clients’ account. Stocks are bought at different rates and investors benefit from rupee-cost averaging and power of compounding.

An illustration Table for power of Compounding (A reference for Aishwarya Yojana)
Initial Investment: Nrs Ten Lakh
Monthly Recurring Investment: Nrs Ten Thousand

Year of Investments Total Principal Investment Expected Maturity Value
15% 20% 25%
5 Years 16 Lakh 30 Lakh 37 Lakh 46 Lakh
10 Years 22 lakh 72 lakh 1.10 Crore 1.72 Crore
15 Years 28 Lakh 1.61 Crore 3.09 Crore 6.04 Crore
20 Years 34 Lakh 3.48 Crore 8.44 Crore 20.95 Crore
25 Years 40 Lakh 7.43 Crore 22.8 Crore 72.33 Crore
35 Years 52 Lakh 24.73 Crore 98.17 Crore 3.80 Arab

Note: Total Principal Investment (for each years of investment) = Principal Investment + Years of investment * 12 months * Recurring SIP


Investments are subject to market risks but a disciplined and structured investment usually ensures investors with strong returns. With Aishwarya Yojana, investors may build wealth that may not be possible in other alternative investments like real estate.

In what we propose, a four-million investment, spread between 25 years of time, may turn into NRs. 723 million of wealth at 25% rate of return, 228 million at 20% or 74 million at 15%. These rates are normally proven rate of returns in capital market, and not intuitions. Even an 1.6 million investment, spread between 5 years, may double into NRs. 3 million at 15% or translate further into NRs. 3.7 million.

How do we create wealth for you?

Aishwarya Yojana is an ingenious system but its idea is simple – it will invest your investment in best stocks and other investment opportunities. But it wouldn’t be that simple if you are doing it on your own because unlike us, you aren’t a system.

We believe that building wealth requires a systematized approach that is difficult when investing as an individual. As a wealth planner, we are focused in building a system where investors will find a systematic approach to their investment needs and wealth planning. There are numerous components

to wealth planning – understanding about market opportunities and threats, market trends and judgment, timing of the investment, data, news and information, technical capabilities and calculations and more calculations – which make it complex. What it also requires is simplicity, structure and discipline.

Our Aishwarya Yojana is a process, a package. More precisely, it is an ingenious system where we make investing practice simplified, structured, disciplined, risk-free and gainful, leveraging available resources. IT’S TIME TO GET INTO THE SYSTEM!

Product features.

Product Type Asset Allocation Minimum Investment Hurdle Rate Premature Exit Fee Contract period Applicable Fees
Annual Maintenance Performance
Aishwarya 60-100% equity; 0-40% Liquid assets Initial sum: 5,00,000;

Minimum addition: 10,000

8% 3% 3 years Up to 2% 20%