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We, the founders of Samriddhi Capital, believe that the growth story of our economy has just begun. This is the beginning of a long term drive that will accelerate in days/years to come. We have built this faith based on various observations, logical calculations and other trending references. This makes us believe that our domestic financial industry will continue to become more vibrant, profitable and pivotal to induce growth of our economy.

We clearly see more companies getting born, more smart and competitive breed of new entrepreneurs to run them, more drive and hunger in founders and managers, easy access to capital, sufficient sources of financing and more equipped and ethical human resources than ever. In days ahead, we will see more intense domestic and foreign interest to invest in Nepal.

We see these happenings of future more clearly – the vibrant Nepalese financial market, lot of economic activities, productivity and growth. We call everyone to ride this growth tide that has onset after many centuries in this land. We put huge bet on this optimism but with sufficient calculations.

This is why, we came up with the highest ever paid up capital among all merchant banks in Nepal. With this scale and confidence, we continue to invest in companies that meet our investment standards within and out of counter. We will continue to help our client’s fund grow and beat the street return. We help companies grow, scale up, get access to finance/capital, go for strategic alliances, move into merger or split or simply get listed.  We conduct our task with great focus and professionalism in order to deliver smart solutions and solid result.

We see Opportunities Unlimited!

Join us. Join the future growth story of Nepal today.

Angish Ghimire

Executive Director