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Mr. Angish Ghimire carries a proven expertise in areas of operations, research and consulting relating to investments and financial markets. He has also served in the role of chief executive officer for Centre for economic and financial studies (P) Ltd. (CEFS). He is also the founding member of Justice Nepal and Tag Infosys.
Mr. Santosh Raj Nepal, MBA, from Apex College. Mr. Nepal has a long experience in Nepalese Financial Industry and infrastructure related projects;possess exceptional communication skill, high PR and proven track record of performance and leadership traits. Mr. Nepal has worked in the role of Chief Administrative OfficeratCGGC (China Gezhouba Group Company), a Chinese contractor undertaking30 Mega Watt Chameliya Hydroelectric projectand a 60 Mega Watt Upper Trishuli 3A hydroelectric project. Mr. Nepal has past experience in Equity & Assets in leading the team for private placement of Down Piluwa Hydropower Project and experience in working with CIT as consultant to provide consultancy service for Stock Dealer setup.
Mr. Krishna Giri, MBS, Shankar Dev Campus shall head this department. Person like Mr. Giri is hard to find and has all required experience, competency and team building ability to lead this department. Mr. Giri brings with him more than 10 years of working experience. Relating to financial market and technology, he possess a very deep understanding and has working experience in similar industry in Nepal including Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar and the USA.